Eolic Projects

Consorcio Eólico S.A. is expecting to generate 1000 MW by the year 2015, for which we have 12 measurement NEXGEN brand (of English origin) masts installed from the fourth to the ninth region, calibrated and registered.



We use a river strength in order to deliver clean and renewable energy to the Interconnected System (SIC). Our fundamental source for operating is to recollect a river flow and then transport it down to a power house, where we use the natural fall of the water to move the turbines and in that way generate energy.


¿Why to invest in Chile?

The country’s political stability and the good performance of a rigorous economy makes possible that Chile could keep the category of emergent country with a very limited rate of country risk.


Consorcio Eólico

Consorcio Eolico S.A. is a group of investor companies, where the estate area and the renewable energy stand out, specifically the eolic energy creation.


Benefits of Eolic energy

Renewable energy is one of the ways we have to power to use in our industry and everyday activities, and are a permanent support, giving them a marked advantage over fossil fuels that are also pollutants are finding right now in crisis.


Chilean potencial

Eolic energy is considered an indirect form of solar energy. Between 1 and 2% of the energy that comes from the sun is turned into wind, because of the air movement that is caused by the changeable warming of the earth’s surface. The wind kinetic energy can be changed in useful energy, both mechanical and electrical.

"We, people who work in Consorcio Eólico S.A., try to be the company that best satisfies all our clients demand requests whitin an ethical framework, fullfilling with all the statutory and legal requirements that correspond into the environmental measurements and aeroenergy processes".

Clean Energy


All planet inhabitants should prepare ourselves to use new forms of energy. The strong increment in the energy comsume demands a sustainable resource that do not develops more greenhouse effect gases, pollution or waste for future generations.

Modern Energy


Eolic energy is a source of renewable energy, foreseeable and clean. It is possible to generate in a fast way a significant energy capacity, offering the energy independence that requires the most important and fastest growing economies in the world. For this reason we consider that eolic energy is a modern energy.

Our Job


Our job is to develop eolic solutions, and find suitable areas with a high potential of wind force to install aerogenerators to transform kinetic energy to electric energy, for industrial, business and/or personal purposes.